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+39 06 87153129

Free delivery for orders worth 50€ or more


Customer service (Mon – Fri, from 9am – 4pm)

+39 06 87153129

Free delivery for orders worth 50€ or more


Soft-DRY® | Antioxidative cold dehydration at temperatures below 40 °C

Handmade in Italy

Organoleptic and nutritional properties

drying methods

Natural & healthy

instead of quantity!


By offering quality, we want to encourage today’s consumers to return to the origin of nature, and to authentic, natural and healthy foods.


In a hyper-saturated market, where products are only placed to generate high revenues, without any real interest in offering a product from which customers can benefit.

growing & processing

In order to maintain our quality standards at reasonable prices, we have opted for the least simple route, which aims to manage ourselves the entire production and supply chain. From growing to processing to packaging and distribution.

Fairtrade & sustainable

Vitaina was born from the idea of creating a healthy but tasty snack, that contains naturally occuring vitamins and minerals. At the same time with the intention to support natural organic and biodynamic agriculture, both on a human and environmentally sustainable level.

Recyclable & compostable

Our intention is to take seriously the global waste and pollution problem. We want to go a step further and help making the world a better place. Therefore, we commit ourselves to use 100% recyclable and compostable packaging.

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