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Dehydrated fruits inside your daily diet

Apr 30, 2020Fruit, Uncategorised, Vitaina0 comments

A nutritious snack to nibble between meetings, the ideal snack for our children dirty and pocket- We are aware that today the consumption of dehydrated fruit, because it is good and for its practicality, is recommended by doctors and nutritionists from all over the world to those who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle or to those who need a diet rich in nutrients, such as children and sportsmen. That’s why we test the benefits of our products with constant laboratory analysis.

Often people write in search engines questions such as: is eating dehydrated fruit good or bad? What are the benefits and contraindications of nuts? The answer is clear in our nutritional tables. They are the result of in-depth studies of the finished product by a team of researchers from theUniversity of Tuscia that we have equipped with a ‘mini’ version of our Soft-DRY dehydrator®.

The fruit that’s good for you

In our green kiwi, for example, in every 100 grams of product there are 140 mg of Vitamin C, equal to 175 of the recommended daily requirement of an average adult, in addition to high values of potassium, copper, fiber and other valuable vitamins. Our pear it has a high content of phosphorus and manganese, our strawberries are rich in calcium and magnesium. Dulcis in fundo, for the many reasons already listed our dehydrated fruit it’s good. And it has a feature that makes it an ingredient suitable for dozens of preparations: dehydration is reversible,just add a little water and recovers much of the original consistency.

This lends itself to sweet and savory recipes. We suggest some on our website, but we invite our most creative customers to help us explore its potential. We managed to make a dehydrated fruit even healthier and more nutritious than the traditional one. How did we do that? Thanks to a unique system that introduces complex methods of slow and low-temperature dehydration and thus leaves the natural properties of food.

Richer and more genuine, the secret of our dehydrated fruit is in the Soft-DRY method®

We renamed it cold-acid dehydration method Soft-DRY® and it’s really our pride, because it came after years of research and allows us today to maintain very high levels of fiber, minerals and especially vitamins that are often lost in the processes of water extraction. By analyzing the products available on the market, in fact, we found that the many virtues of dried or dehydrated fruit can be neutralized by processing methods that favor numbers rather than quality.

Between frying, microwave or classic baked cooking, there are many practices that save companies time and money but reduce the benefits of the raw material, also spoiling the appearance and flavor of the product. Characteristics, the latter, which are then adjusted with salts, sugars, dyes and preservatives. Nothing further than what we had in mind to accomplish when we started this adventure.

A journey beyond quality guided by our ideals

When we founded Vitaina, we set ourselves the goal of stimulating consumers to a return to nature, to genuine and healthy foods. And we quickly realized that this required paying close attention to every detail. It would not have been enough to focus on the quality of the product, perfecting a innovative cold drying method (less than 40 degrees centigrade) also able to avoid the first threat to the many natural properties of fruit, oxidation. How it would not have been enough to offer consumers fruit never seen before on the market such as the red Kiwi, or dehydrated tubers of the highest level as Demeter turmeric or Ginger Demeter..


Environmental respect and scientific research

So we have imposed two fundamental rules, which we believe should be a reference for all food companies today: respecting the environment and constantly using scientific research.. That’s why we only use fruit from organic farming of our farms that is harvested, cut by hand, dehydrated and packaged in a single short supply chain cycle in our factories. We have set up processing centers just a few meters from the orchards, so we work on zero kilometers by reducing the emissions normally produced for the transport of goods. We are also committed to making our recyclable and compostable packaging 100. But there is another factor that makes us particularly proud: our industrial model produces zero waste. It means no fruit ends up in the trash.


It is known that the large distribution discards foods that have even the slightest aesthetic defects, such as a black speck on a banana or a slight dent on an apple. It’s not bad fruit, it’s as healthy and good as the flawless-looking fruit, but it’s less attractive to consumers. Let’s talk about fruit caught at the right point of maturity that once peeled is completely healthy. We are able to make the most of it, extending its life by more than six months without ever adding preservatives neither chemical nor natural.

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