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Our story & mission

Vitaina`s story and our passion for natural and healthy foods starts in Italy, where our founders, Maximilian and Alexander Feulner spent time with their Italian grandparents and learned to appreciate simple things in life and nature.

The German-born brothers became fascinated with the idea of creating a product that maintains the quality and nutritional properties while still enjoying the original and authentic characteristics. It took several years of research and collaborations with biologists, nutrition experts, and agricultural experts from around the world, to solve this challenge and to finally come up with a new and gentle way of preserving fresh produce.

Today, Vitaina seeks to create and promote all-natural, organic, and truly healthy products that are uniquely dried so to become the perfect, easy-to-eat addition to every balanced nutrition plan.

How we do it

The entire process begins in the fields where we ethically and sustainably grow our varieties of organic and biodynamic fruits and vegetables.

Our naturally grown produce is carefully and thoroughly chosen and is then harvested at the proper stage of ripeness. Next, we gently dry our selection with the intention of maintaining its nutritional values and properties without using additives or preservatives. This step is called Soft-DRY® and it is one of the reasons that makes us unique. Before our healthy products reach you, we pack them with love and care by hand in our own facility. We use green and 100% recyclable packaging solutions while protecting and promoting our sustainable distribution.

We are passionate about the quality in everything we do, and we adhere to one simple rule: to work together and in synergy with nature.

Innovation & Soft-DRY®

For the past years Soft-DRY® has become a quality standard for genuinely and gently dried products. When you read the label Soft-DRY®, it means that nutritional and organoleptic properties are preserved. The sensible and naturally available vitamins and minerals are kept, thanks to a gentle water extraction at a temperature below 42 °C. On average, it takes from 18 to over 48 hours to complete a dehydration cycle. Oxidative factors like oxygen, UV radiation or higher temperatures are avoided in order to leave everything as unprocessed as possible.

The innovation behind Soft-DRY® is only part of what makes us unique.

The Soft-DRY® seal represents a quality guarantee on all our dehydrated products. It incorporates our strict quality standards over the entire supply chain, ensuring transparency, traceability, and complete accountability in every aspect of our operations.
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Benefits of Soft-DRY®

Soft-DRY® sets a new standard for dried products. It is our unique and innovative approach to create a whole new concept of genuinely and naturally dehydrated snacks, while keeping their healthy nutritional values such as vitamins and minerals.
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Smart and healthy snacking

Nutritionists always encourage healthy snacking while trying to stay on top of your hectic day. It is what will keep you fuelled and focused during the hours. Our Soft-DRY® snacks are a smart and healthy alternative, which provide you with valuable nutrients and the energy you need to be active and efficient.

Like fresh, just more convenient

There is hardly anything better than having fresh fruits or vegetables for a snack. Unfortunately, our fast-paced lifestyle does not always leave time for washing, cutting, and peeling. We bring you a more convenient way to enjoy naturally grown and gently dehydrated fruits, vegetables and more, in a portable and easy-to-store and carry format.

Save time and money

When it comes to buying organic fruits and vegetables, time and money are to be considered. Whether you crave strawberries in January or need to add some veggies, nuts or seeds to your favourite dish, there is no need to pay more or wait for the right season. Soft-DRY® products are affordable and available all year round, and they can be stored for much longer, while also avoiding food waste.

All natural and vegan

Our products are cultivated with the highest respect towards the environment and for organic and biodynamic farming. They are a functional supplement for any diet due to their high nutritional density, thanks to Soft-DRY®. Our gently dried products are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which are essential for a balanced and healthy diet.

Sustainability and waste reduction

We take the global waste and pollution problem seriously. This is the reason, why all our products come from sustainable farming. We use fruits and vegetables which would normally be degraded and only be used in other industries, due to unconventional shapes and sizes, but still with the same great organoleptic properties. Furthermore, all our products are packed in a 100% recyclable packaging.

Superfood to enhance your performance

Before or after an intense training session, we need to fuel our bodies with the highest possible quality food. Our products are functional and nutrient dense, thus superfoods, making them great for any sport activity. They can naturally boost your focus, strength, and endurance, and speed up your workout recovery.

Why we do it

Our vision is to bring genuinely healthy products with great nutritional properties to everyone and for every occasion.

We have found a way to preserve both the nutritional and the organoleptic values of nature’s sun-kissed and freshly picked produce, because we think that the consumer deserves delicious but also healthy products. We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure higher quality standards in the food industry.

We are deeply committed to organic and biodynamic agriculture, and we believe that raising awareness for a balanced and healthy diet, is crucial. By creating high quality products, we want to inspire the modern consumer to return to nature's roots and to appreciate truly natural and healthy food.

Vitaina’s brand values

Vitaina stands for high-quality products that are all natural, truly healthy,
and delicious.

As a food tech start-up, we leverage innovative technologies to reshape the traditional food processing sector and brining premium, safe and sustainable products to it.

We believe that by giving our best in all our business operations and in every aspect of our supply chain, we can reaffirm to our customers, clients and partners our commitment to quality, social and environmental sustainability.

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    Due to our efforts for sustainable and ethical processes across our entire supply chain, both on a human and environmental level, we have been certified by recognized global organizations.