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We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day: its task is to give the body the necessary energy to tackle all the daily activities. Yet, due to haste, laziness and bad habits, this important appointment is often skipped. Many people even complain of not being hungry at breakfast!

So why don’t we try to prepare a tasty, nutritious, delicious and healthy breakfast to start rebuilding good eating habits? Let’s take advantage of the summer, and the desire to eat something fresh, to start the day with a different and special breakfast: the Overnight Oatmeal!

There are numerous variations of this dish of Anglo-Saxon origin: regardless of individual preferences regarding ingredients, it is still a nutritionally valid and complete preparation.

It contains carbohydrates, provided by cereals, and proteins, provided by milk or yoghurt. Not forgetting the vitamins and minerals provided by the fruit. In terms of calories, the overnight oatmeal is very well balanced. We are not talking about a diet preparation, but there is almost no fat.

The characteristic common to all versions of the overnight oatmeal is … letting the mixture sit overnight in the fridge. This allows you to have a fresh breakfast…. and sleep an extra five minutes in the morning because your breakfast is ready!

In our variation, oat flakes provide the rustic flavour and plenty of fibre and protein. Greek yoghurt provides creaminess and a sour taste. Vitaina’s Dehydrated Melon  gives our overnight oatmeal a summery flavour and all the vitamins and minerals of the best fresh fruit.

In fact, Vitaina’s Dehydrated Melon comes from organic cultivation, which guarantees the quality of the raw material. In addition, the melon is dehydrated according to the patented Soft-DRY® method, which gently extracts the water while maintaining the organoleptic and nutritional properties of the fresh fruit.



recipe with dehydrated melon

Here is the recipe for overnight oatmeal::





To prepare the overnight oatmeal, follow the steps below if you opt for milk. Pour the cereal of your choice (seeds, oatmeal or spices) into the bottom of a glass jar (jam jar is fine), then add the milk (cow’s milk or vegetable milk).

If you opt for yoghurt or Skyr, however, place a first layer of yoghurt on the bottom, then add the cereal and another layer of yoghurt.

Continue in this way until you have all the ingredients you need.

In both cases, sprinkle with Vitaina’s dehydrated coconut flakes.

Finally, add Vitaina’s dehydrated melon.

Place the jar in the refrigerator and leave it overnight. The next morning, garnish with raspberries. Enjoy your breakfast!