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Thumbprint cookies with dehydrated strawberries

Thumbprint cookies are shortbread from Sweden, where they are called Hallongrotto, literally raspberry cave (because of their filling). Here, children often bake them with their mothers for Santa Claus and leave them on a saucer with a glass of milk on the night of December…

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Venus rice bowl with Vitaina dehydrated mango

The Venus rice and dehydrated mango bowl is an easy and nutritious recipe, as well as a colourful and original idea for a casual lunch. A bowl contains protein, carbohydrates and vitamins – the essential nutrients for a balanced meal. Moreover, Vitaina dehydrated mangoes come…

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Savoury cake with Vitaina dehydrated pears

Vitaina dehydrated pear tart is a very versatile recipe that can be served as a starter or main course. It is perfect for an outdoor picnic, but can also be the star of many appetizing buffets. Vitaina dehydrated pears bring a sweet and delicate flavour…

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Vegetarian rice salad with dehydrated melon

Summer is coming, and with it rice salads: healthy, colourful and very fresh! We offer you a vegetarian version, rich in vitamins and minerals, very useful for a balanced diet, which fights the exhaustion caused by the summer heat. At the end of the preparation,…

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Dehydrated apple vegetarian burger with spinach

Vegetable burgers with dehydrated apples are an extremely easy and healthy vegetarian recipe! Depending on the vegetables you use in the soup, you can add your own vitamins; Vitaina organic dehydrated apples will also provide the right amount of fibre and potassium! And, not to…

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Tacos with dehydrated yellow kiwi

The taco is a classic Tex-Mex street food with a delicious filling, to be enjoyed with friends during a convivial evening! Our version is strictly vegetarian, but no less appetizing! In the filling we have included Vitaina dehydrated organic yellow kiwi fruit which, with its…

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Dehydrated mini banana pancakes

Pancakes are soft, traditional American flatbreads, ideal for healthy and tasty snacks!We have come up with a recipe with dehydrated mini bananas that is particularly light and also suitable for athletes.In fact, we created a soft dough from Vitaina dehydrated mini bananas.In this way, we…

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Porridge with dehydrated red kiwi

Porridge is particularly popular with sportsmen and women because its main ingredient, oats, has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in protein and carbohydrates. We have prepared a version enriched with vitamins from Vitaina dehydrated red kiwi fruit and Vitaina dehydrated pineapple. Both fruits are…

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No-bake vegan gingerbread cheesecake

Ingredients for the Gingerbread Cheesecake with Vitaina Dehydrated Ginger For the base 150 g Medjoul dates – weighed and pitted85 g walnuts120 g mix of pecans and almonds – I did half and half almond pecan2 pieces of Vitaina Soft-DRY® dehydrated ginger½ teaspoon of cinnamon…

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