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Porridge with dehydrated red kiwi

Porridge is particularly popular with sportsmen and women because its main ingredient, oats, has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in protein and carbohydrates.

We have prepared a version enriched with vitamins from Vitaina dehydrated red kiwi fruit and Vitaina dehydrated pineapple.

Both fruits are rich in vitamin C, which remains unaltered thanks to the patented Soft-DRY® process, which allows dehydration at low temperatures.

For 2 portions of porridge you will need:

Pour the oats into a bowl, cover with a little water and leave to soak for 10 minutes.

Pour the oats into the saucepan, cover with milk and cook the mixture for about 4-5 minutes, stirring frequently with a spatula.

When the oats are soft and have absorbed the milk, turn off the heat and transfer the porridge to a bowl.

Season with honey and garnish with the red kiwi fruit, pineapple, Chia seeds and pistachio grains.

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