Customer Service (Mon - Fri, from 9am - 4pm)

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Free delivery for orders worth 50€ or more


Customer service (Mon – Fri, from 9am – 4pm)

+39 06 87153129

Free delivery for orders worth 50€ or more



We have invested a lot of time in the selection of our logistics partners, to guarantee our customers an efficient and reliable service that allows them to trace the parcel from the moment of departure from our warehouse to delivery. Contact us for more information on our delivery service, Customer Service is at your disposal!


Delivery time

Orders received before 12.30 are generally processed on the afternoon of the same day, orders received after 12.30 are processed the next day. Deliveries are made by ground transportation within the next 24/48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). In the event that there is a problem with the courier during transport and the package does not arrive at its destination within the set time limits, please notify us promptly: we will try to resolve the situation as soon as possible!

Warning: do not contact us before the time limits have elapsed, as the data necessary to be able to take the appropriate measures would not yet be available.

* Please note: it is not possible to provide a guarantee on the processing and delivery times, because the variables involved are different and unexpected events may occur due to force majeure. Especially once you have entrusted your order to the courier, it is not possible to determine and guarantee a precise delivery time. What we guarantee is our absolute commitment to process your order within 24 hours (except holidays) from the date of receipt of the same but it is obvious that in the event of strikes, weather events, special holidays, warehouse inventories, transfers of headquarters, changes to information systems, etc. there may be delays of several days in the fulfillment of orders. In these cases, however, extensive communication is always given on the site.


More information on delivery

Upon arrival at the destination, the courier asks the person who receives the package for a signature for delivery. If the signatory person is different from the customer whose name appears in the delivery address, the latter still remains responsible for the package and any costs associated with it. Courier delivery times are indicatively from 8.30 to 18 and it is necessary to be available at these times, as it is not possible to choose a fixed delivery time. If there is no availability during these times, it is necessary to request a deposit or to ask for confirmation at work, relatives, friends, etc.

Before signing the courier’s receipt, please carefully check the package packaging and, if it appears damaged in any way, write next to your ‘damaged’ or ‘subject to inspection’ signature. If even the goods inside the package have been damaged, inform us within 24 hours of receiving the package and we will collect and replace the damaged items within the terms of a new delivery. We can NOT accept complaints if only your signature appears on the delivery note without further notification.

It may happen that delivery is delayed due to force majeure, Vitaina Italia S.r.l. does not take responsibility for such delays if due to situations that occur after the package has left our warehouse (strikes, snow, blocks, etc.).

If the courier does not find anyone at the delivery address, he will take care of leaving a message with the instructions so that you can get in touch with his company directly. If the package is returned to us because there has been no contact on your part, you will be charged for the related transport costs.


Shipping fees

Shipping costs are free for orders with an amount equal to or greater than € 50;

Shipments to Livigno (cap 23030) and Campione d’Italia (cap 22060) are subject to charges relating to customs operations which will be communicated in addition to what is calculated in the cart and always before sending the order.

* For orders that require sending multiple parcels or weighing more than 10 kg, you will be contacted by the Customer Service to find out the shipping methods and costs.




Organoleptic and nutritional properties

Dr. Simona Bifolchi - Nutritionist, Food Science specialist and food safety expert - assessed the entire supply chain, the Soft-DRY® dehydration process and the nutritional quality of Vitaina® products obtained this way, and declared the following:

“With the high standard of quality ensured by the production method, which preserves the nutritional properties of fresh fruit, it is possible to obtain products with all the flavour of nothing but fruit, with no added sugars or preservatives. Vitaina products, dehydrated using the Soft-DRY® method, are therefore a perfect addition to balanced nutrition plans, both across different age ranges and for different levels of sporting activity.

Here are some easy, practical consumption tips:

1) In sport, as a snack before and/or after training
Before training, as a slow-release energy, thanks to its high fibre content, which allows a steady delivery of sugars during training.After sport, to restore the minerals, vitamins and sugars that help kick-start repair and energy replacement processes.

2) As part of a snack for children
At school, instead of pasteurised fruit juices, which often contain added sugars, or served with a full-fat yoghurt as an afternoon snack.

3) For working people and students always on the go
A handy and effective source of minerals and vitamins for those moments when you have neither the means nor the time to eat fresh fruit. Ideal with a handful of dried fruit, to fill you up, give you energy and help you concentrate in the long-term.

4) In the diets of elderly people
The natural sweetness pleases even the sensitive palates of elderly people; these practical, versatile products are a healthy solution to add to the diet, helping achieve the correct amounts of vitamins and minerals every day.”

La Dott.ssa Simona Bifolchi - Biologo Nutrizionista, specialista in scienze dell'alimentazione ed esperta di sicurezza alimentare, ha valutato l'intera filiera, il processo di disidratazione Soft-DRY® e la qualità nutrizionale dei prodotti Vitaina® così ottenuti, e dice quanto segue:

« L'elevato standard qualitativo assicurato dal metodo di produzione, che mantiene inalterate le proprietà nutrizionali della frutta fresca, permette di ottenere dei prodotti con tutto il gusto della frutta al 100%, senza l'aggiunta di zuccheri o additivi conservanti. Per questo motivo i prodotti Vitaina, disidratati attraverso il metodo Soft-DRY®, sono ideali per essere inseriti all'interno di piani nutrizionali bilanciati, destinati sia alle diverse fasce di età che ai diversi livelli di attività sportiva.

Dei semplici consigli pratici di consumo possono essere i seguenti:

1) Nell'attività sportiva come spuntino prima e/o dopo l'allenamento
Prima dell'allenamento come carico di energia a lento rilascio, grazie anche all'elevato contenuto di fibre, che permette di mantenere costante l'apporto di zuccheri durante l'allenamento. Dopo l'attività sportiva, per ripristinare i sali minerali, le vitamine e gli zuccheri utili ad avviare i processi riparativi e di recupero delle riserve energetiche.

2) Nella merenda dei bambini
A scuola, al posto dei succhi di frutta pastorizzati, spesso pieni di zuccheri aggiunti, o insieme ad uno yogurt intero come spuntino nel pomeriggio.

3) Per i lavoratori e gli studenti sempre di corsa
Comoda ed efficace fonte di minerali e vitamine per quando non si ha modo e tempo di consumare la frutta fresca, ideale associato ad una manciata di frutta secca, per assicurare un elevato livello saziante, energia e concentrazione a lungo termine.

4) Nell'alimentazione dell'anziano
La naturale dolcezza soddisfa anche il palato sensibile delle persone nella fascia della terza età; pratici e versatili sono la soluzione salutare da inserire nella dieta, contribuendo al quotidiano raggiungimento dei giusti livelli di vitamine e minerali. »

Frau Dr. Simona Bifolchi - Biologin/Ernährungsberaterin, Fachfrau für Ernährungskunde und Expertin in Lebensmittelsicherheit - hat die gesamte Produktionskette, den Trocknungsprozess Soft-Dry® und die Lebensmittelqualität der dadurch erhaltenen Vitaina®- Produkte überprüft und bestätigt Folgendes:

„Der durch diese Produktionsmethode gewährleistete hohe Qualitätsstandard, ermöglicht es, unter Beibehaltung der ernährungsphysiologischen Eigenschaften des frischen Obstes, Produkte zu erhalten, die ohne Zusatz von Zucker oder Konservierungsmitteln den vollständigen Fruchtgeschmack zu 100% bewahren.

Aus diesem Grund sind die Vitaina-Produkte, die nach dem Soft-Dry® -Verfahren dehydriert wurden, ideal für eine ausgewogene Ernährung, sowohl für unterschiedliche Altersgruppen, als auch auf verschiedenen Ebenen der sportlichen Aktivitäten.

Nachstehend einige praktische Ratschläge zum Verbrauch:

1) Bei sportlichen Aktivitäten, als Snack vor oder nach dem Training
Vor dem Training: als Energieschub mit langsamer Freisetzung, auch dank seines hohen Anteils an Ballaststoffen, der es ermöglicht die Zuckerversorgung während des Trainings konstant zu halten. Nach dem Training: um den Mineral-, Vitamin- und Zuckerhaushalt wiederherzustellen, der für die Reparaturprozesse und Rückgewinnung der Energiereserven notwendig ist.

2) Als Zwischenmahlzeit für Kinder
In der Schule: anstelle von pasteurisierten Fruchtsäften, die zusätzlichen Zucker enthalten, oder zusammen mit einem Vollmilchjoghurt als Zwischenmahlzeit am Nachmittag.

3) Für Berufstätige und Studenten, die immer in Eile sind
Praktische und effektive Quelle von Mineralien und Vitaminen in den Situationen, in denen man keine Zeit und Möglichkeit zum Verzehr von frischen Früchten hat. Kombiniert mit einer Handvoll Nüssen, sind sie ideal für die längerfristige Gewährleistung von Sättigungsgefühl, Energie und Konzentration.

4) Für die Ernährung von Senioren
Die natürliche Süße befriedigt auch den empfindlichen Gaumen der Senioren; diese praktischen und vielseitigen Produkte stellen eine gesunde Lösung zur Ernährungsergänzung dar und tragen zur Deckung des täglichen Vitamin- und Mineralienbedarfs bei.“