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Customer service (Mon – Fri, from 9am – 4pm)

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Free delivery for orders worth 50€ or more


Get to know us
Maximilian Feulner

( Founder & Managing
Director )

Alexander Feulner

( Founder & Commercial
Director )

Silvia Vatta

( Head of Marketing &
Communication )

We also want to show
the faces of those behind
all the hard work.

By doing so,
we want to guarantee
our company’s transparency.

Marketing strategy
& Company philosophy

Marketing strategy
Company Philosophy



Companies often outsource areas such as distribution and / or sales to third-party companies for a variety of reasons. These intermediate steps of course swallow profits and reduce the manufacturer's profit margins, which ultimately affects the quality of the product.

al posto di quantità!


Vogliamo stimolare il consumatore moderno attraverso la qualità, a un ritorno alle origini della natura, ai cibi genuini, naturali e salutari.


In un mercato ormai saturo di prodotti, piazzati per il puro fine di fare numeri, senza un reale interesse a offrire un prodotto da cui il consumatore può trarre un vero beneficio.

In order to maintain our quality standards at reasonable prices, we have opted for the least simple route, which aims to manage ourselves the entire production and supply chain. From growing to processing, to packaging and distribution.

Fairtrade & sustainable

Vitaina was born from the idea of creating a healthy and delicious snack, that naturally contains vitamins and minerals. At the same time with the intention to support a natural organic and biodynamic agriculture, both on a human and environmentally sustainable level.


Recyclable & compostable

Our intention is to take seriously the global waste and pollution problem. We want to go a step further and help making the world a better place. Therefore, we commit ourselves to use100% recyclable and compostable packaging.
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